Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Griffin - World without Cancer

source: GUBA user popefucker

Do you know someone with cancer? Two hundred years back cancer was a rare disease, today one may call it an epidemic. What are the causes? There are many: Malnutrition, electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones and radar stations, toxic products in your food, in your water and in the air you breathe, toxic substances in your clothes, in the fillings of your teeth, in your own apartment and at your workplace. Fluoride in your water may cause cancer or mercury in vaccines you get. Your body may cope with a single source of cancer, but there are so many of them. It may be called a miracle, that there are people who do not have cancer considering the environment we live in. 

It seems hardly possible to escape the many different causes. Don't let them make you believe that it's in your genes - that's pure nonsense. Human DNA isn't worse now than two hundred years back. We should also notice, that so called natural radioactivity has significantly increased in the past sixty-five years, due to nuclear tests and accidents with nuclear power plants. As you know, radioactivity is a major cause for cancer.

Laetrile cannot prevent you from absorbing many cancerogen substances, but it strengthens your natural system of defense against such substances. Furthermore, it should also be noted, that mental stress and negative feelings and thoughts seriously affect your natural defense systems. You simply cannot afford having negative thoughts considering the many dangerous substances in your environment.

People say, that their thoughts are negative, because their situation is negative too. This seems to make sense, however it is exactly the other way round: Because your thoughts are so negative, you weaken yourself, which makes you very vulnerable to negative psychic and material influences from your environment. 

Do not subscribe to the propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry wanting to make you believe how terribly dangerous laetrile (amygdalin) is. They're afraid of it, because it is highly effective and cannot be patented. As usual, it is all about money. As far as your health is concerned, these gangsters couldn't care less. One day they the will be punished by GOD, I can assure you. Don't judge them, that's up to HIM.

A regular intake of natural food containing laetrile will significantly reduce the probability of you getting cancer. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and a healthy spirit resides in a healthy mind. Amygdalin may both prevent cancer as well as heal you from cancer - even in so called hopeless cases. You cannot possibly make spiritual progress in a body burdened with cancer. So get rid of that silly cancer, and go on with your meditation. Some people also get cancer, because they feel they deserve it as a kind of self-inflicted punishment. Negative thoughts are dangerous, I told you so. Live long and prosper.

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