Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Tree of Life

Intro to Paul Laffoley and Future Organic Technology

Instruction Manual: How to use this hyperspace-metamap? Well easy, just read Nisargadatta Maharaj's book 'I AM THAT' and then all you need is LOVE. No really, that's also true, but mainly you need MEDITATION. You may confuse your mind endlessly with thousands of useless books only to realize in the end, that it is only words and words alone simply won't do the trick. If you want to exercize your muscles, then how many books do you have to read in order to make your muscles grow? Carrying around a lot of books may help you a little. But eventually you realize, that you could as well have carried around any other heavy object. Nisargadatta says it nicely: Having reached a certain level in your spiritual quest, books are only a hindrance. Very true indeed. If I only had listened to him, I would have saved a lot of time and money. But no regrets, that's a hindrance too. If you want to breathe, then how many books do you need? You may say, but pranayama and all that stuff... Yes, but do animals need books in order to breathe properly? Do they need books in order to eat properly? Do they need books in order to have proper sexual intercourse? Our breathing is so lousy, because we are so neurotic. Poor breathing is merely a symptom. Adjust your mind, and your breathing will follow. How to adjust my mind, you ask. Well, you need meditation. And that's that. That's too easy for you? The most important things in life are easy and simple and they are for free. GRATIS. What costs you money is worthless in most cases. Do I ask money from you? Come on, you take my water and it's free. GRATIS.