Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Consciousness - An Animation of Spirit

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hallucinate without the Use of Drugs

Do you realize now, how weak the personality you have is? You cannot even prevent your mind from hallucinating, after watching this video. After watching this, the object you look at will look different, it will move. You know, that it does not move, and yet it does. Your power of knowledge is weaker, than the power of these moving pictures. Even if you want to prevent the movements you see from moving, you will not succeed. 
Let us look at this video as the mass-media, as a form of manipulation, and the resulting altered state of consciousness as the proof for successful mind-control. You may say, it is only in your eyes - it is not. It truly is in your mind. There are some people, who don't see any distortions, and this shows, that it's not in your eyes. It is in your mind's eye, that is connected to your neuronal system.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Instant Insight

Instant Insight

Look at this picture. What do you see? Not very stable isn't it? It somehow seems to move, it seems to wobble. Now, what do you think, is there really some material movement going on? Are the pixels on your display actually moving? Of course not, you say. So what does it mean? If a physicist made a measurement on your display, he would tell you that there is no movement. And yet there is movement, you can see it can't you? I can see it too by the way. If a million people looked at it, they would all see it wobble. And there are millions of people who see that we do live in a three-dimensional space-time-continuum. Funny, isn't it?

So, there is movement and there is no movement at the same time. How can that be? We have a conflict here. Let's make two religions out of this. The first cult is being followed by those, who believe in what they can see, the second by those who don't believe in what they can see, they believe in measurements. 

And then there will be a war between the two fractions with millions of dead people. Sad isn't it? So, we have two dogmas here, the dogma called science, the dogma of those who don't trust their perceptions, and then there is the second dogma being followed by those who never trust in what they cannot see, they only rely on what they can actually see, let's call them the subjectivists.

Now, you will have to choose between the two fractions - or do you want to be a traitor? Do you want to join them both or neither? Like Robert Anton Wilson used to say, you should not say, that something IS good or bad, you should state, that it APPEARS to you as good or as bad, as wobbly or as stable, whatever.

Based on measurements you have made, you know, that there is no movement, and based on what you can actually see, you know, that there is movement. Such situations can make you go crazy, you know. Do you trust in what you know, or do you trust in what you see? That's the question.

If you have a strong sense of self-esteem, you say: 'To hell with science, I see, what I see.' If your intuition is weak and your abstract cognitive facilities are powerful, then you say: 'Let us be reasonable, let us believe in measurements, that can be verified, that can be repeated by others.'

It is funny however, that not only the measurements are verifiable by others, but also your subjective perceptions. On the ground of matter, measurement is the king, and subjectivity is very transient and cannot be retained, it is liquid so to say. But on the ground of the 'Allseeing Eye of GOD' the whole universe is based on the subjective perception of this universe by GOD. So why look down at subjective perception? Perhaps subjective perception or awareness is the only truly objective thing in this universe.

From the point of view of GOD is this picture wobbling or is it not wobbling? What GOD sees must be the absolute truth. Scientists are not GOD aren't they? GOD sees what we see, and GOD also sees what we cannot see, what can be measured by science. For science measures something that is there, and since GOD sees everything he must see also what is there. So, yes, for GOD it moves and doesn't move at the same time.

What you see cannot be the 'real' display of your computer, for the real display doesn't move. What you see is the representation of the display in your mind's eye. That seems quite obvious, but is of tremendous importance. Everything you see, that moves may not be moving at all outside of your mind's eye.  So there may be no movement at all in his universe. Funny isn't it? Isn't it amazing what insights you can get by pure thinking, without any books? 

What is outside? Outside I call what you are not aware of right now, and inside I call what you are aware of right now. Your memories are outside, your past is outside, your future is outside. The world of matter is not the world you live in, the world of matter is outside as well. What is outside now, may be inside soon, and actually it already is, but you cannot see that it is. What you see, is in your soul, that's why you can see it.  But you are not the soul.

You can see what is in your soul, for you are aware of your soul. Although even what you are not aware of now is in you too. Your soul is preventing you from actually seeing, what is beyond your soul. Your soul is a speck in your eye so to say. 

This is the fundamental principle of the highest art called magick. Your desire for occult powers prevents you from transcending your soul. And thus it is exactly as said by Joshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth, that you should strive for heaven only, for everything else will be given to you then, all the magickal powers you've ever dreamt of will fall into your lap by themselves. 

Joshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth was wise, the wisest of the wise. So do you believe it to be wise of you, not to listen to the wisest of the wise? Desire means attachment and your desire for occult powers is your sin, your attachment. Only those who want nothing from earth will see heaven.

god bless

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Dimensionless map for Self-Realization

The map can be seen to contain several ‘Themes or routes for Transcendence’ that have been color coded. The themes or routes for transcendence:


The Red theme is the Main theme: From Personality to Person to Presence to Absence to Absence of Absence.


The Green or States of consciousness theme: From the Awake state to Dream to Deep Sleep to ‘The Fourth’ to‘Beyond the Fourth’.


The Blue or Speech theme: From the Spoken Word to Tangible word to Intangible word to Source word to word.


The Brown-Yellow or Being theme: From Being knowing Doing to Being Knowing to Being to Non-Being.


The Maroon or Triad theme: From Mind (attachment mode) to Self (Detachment mode) to Spirit (Transcendence mode).


The Brown or Buddha theme: Gone (awake transcended), Gone (dream transcended), Gone beyond (deep sleep transcended), Gone Altogether beyond (the fourth transcended) Oh! What an awakening, all hail!(From the heart sutra).


One may observe that the routes or themes run almost parallel with the Main Red theme and all end up from illusion to reality in The Absolute. The map can be extremely useful when consulted while reading along with ‘I Am That’ and serves the purpose of getting the fundamentals right the next would be the meditation on ‘I Am’ or the different themes or the practice(the sadhana) and finally, if you get it right till there, would be the dropping off( which occur automatically) of the entire concept as it was unreal anyway !


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Divine Theme

“The Ten States of God” which follows was written by Eruch B. Jessawala under the direct supervision of Meher Baba, describing and interpreting an original diagram, “The Ten States of God,” devised by Meher Baba.

Books by Meher Baba

The Ten States of God