Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Race to Zero Point

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secret Meeting On Jekyll Island

Money power is magickal power. Creating money out of nothing means playing GOD. GOD created the universe out of nothing. These bankers are crazy and they destroy your world. And they don't care.

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Crop Circle Controversy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

source: YouTube user bud200188

In my eyes 
In disguise 
As no one knows 
Hides the face 
Lies the snake 
In the sun 
In my disgrace 
Boiling heat 
Summer stench 
'Neath the black 
The sky looks dead 
Call my name 
Through the cream 
And I'll hear you 
Scream again 

Black hole sun 
Won't you come 
And wash away the rain 
Black hole sun 
Won't you come 
Won't you come 

Cold and damp 
Steal the warm wind 
Tired friend 
Times are gone 
For honest men 
And sometimes 
Far too long 
For snakes 
In my shoes 
A walking sleep 
And my youth 
I pray to keep 
Heaven send 
Hell away 
No one sings 
Like you 

Hang my head 
Drown my fear 
Till you all just 

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramtha on Emotional Addictions

source: YouTube user do5e

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Billy Meier UFO Connection

Watch Randolph Winters - Billy Meier UFO-Connection  |  View More Free Videos Online at

source: GUBA user dali777

Strange things are going on here in Switzerland.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bill Schnoebelen - Interview

source: Google Video

This is a true story. Bill Schnoebelen has been high up in the hierarchy of almost EVERY prominent secret society, and been deeply involved in the darkest of the darkest of the occult. He once was a true Satanist and a REAL vampire, totally addicted to blood, until he managed to break out about 20 years ago. This is a 9 hour interview and you will not be able to stop watching it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Healing Begins Now

source: Google Video user Jonathan

Friday, February 06, 2009

Dr. John Lilly

source: YouTube user theduderinok

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Face to Face with Carl Jung

source: YouTube user thespiritconnect

Monday, February 02, 2009

Metaform and Metamedium

Let us now have a look at reality from the perspective of the medium-form differentiation by Niklas Luhman. It is simple: A radio wave consists of a medium and a form. The medium is the so called 'carrier wave', the form is the modulation of that carrier wave. Let us say, the carrier wave has a frequency of 100 MHz and is being modulated by music from Bach, which is the modulation. So here we have a typical radio-station.

When we look at this situation more clearly, we realize that the carrier wave has a form too, the form of a sine wave of 100 MHz. This means, that the carrier wave may be looked at as a medium or as a form. In relation to the underlying medium, the carrier wave is a form. In relation to the superimposed form, the carrier wave is a medium. It is all very relative.

I have given you this example, in order to make clear what we will be talking about from now on. Now what is the underlying medium of the carrier wave? The carrier wave moves in something - not in nothing. Some call this medium 'ether', some call it 'space'. We should be careful not to consider space as nothing. Space is something, is a medium. As long as we are in that medium, it is everywhere and therefore there is no place where it is not. Therefore we cannot differentiate it in relation to its opposite. What the mind cannot differentiate doesn't seem to exist for the mind.

The space you are aware of cannot possibly be the space physicists talk about, because only you are aware of its contents. It is subjective space, it is your dream-space and you are always in it. Let us call your subjective space your subjective medium or s-medium.

We have said, that any medium can be looked at as a form of a medium of a higher order. The s-medium is just a form of an underlying medium. Let's now call the medium of a higher order the h-medium. The question now is this: Could that h-medium also be a form of a still higher medium? 

Of course this is possible. This iteration can go on and on, and ultimately we will probably get to the ultimate medium. Let's call it the u-medium. The u-medium is no longer a form of any medium of a still higher order. We just have defined it that way.

Let's now have a look at metaphysics: It is about beings, about your soul, about consciousness and awareness. Your personal space, your s-medium is your beingness. Your beingness is called your soul by some. The underlying medium containing your soul and the soul of myriads of other humans we have called the 'h-medium'. In metaphysics the h-mediums are called 'angel'. The beingness of an angel contains many human souls. The beingness of an angel is its soul, its h-medium. The human soul is a s-medium.

The being called angel or h-medium is a form of a medium of a higher order. We called it u-medium. The u-medium contains all the angelic beings. The u-medium contains all of the h-mediums and the h-mediums contain all of the s-mediums.

As we have stated, there are many different mediums of a higher order. We may call them h1-medium, h2-medium and so on. The higher the number, the closer it gets to the ultimate medium, the u-medium. On can state: h1, h2....ha, a goes towards infinite=u-medium. In metaphysics, the u-medium is also called GOD or the Supreme Self, or the SELF. 

Beings can only exist in duality. Where there is no duality, there can be no differentiation and thus there can be only one, only ONE. In reality there is only ONE, in illusion there are many.

Realty is the ultimate medium, the u-medium. Illusions are the many mediums of lower order contained in that u-medium. In relation to forms contained in those lower mediums, these mediums appear as mediums, as underlying principles, as real. In relation to the ultimate medium, these lower mediums appear as forms. 

Forms are forms of information, forms are information-patterns, forms are in-form-ation. Where there is information, there is duality. Where there is duality, there is knowledge, where there is knowledge, there is conflict, where there is conflict, there is suffering.

We have shown that the underlying principle of information, of form is the u-medium or the SELF. Obviously you exist, you are aware and thus you are, you are a being. What you are aware of is not what others are aware of and thus you are not everything. Because you are not everything, there must be other beings. The being containing all the beings, the medium containing all of the forms, the medium containing all individual beings is called the u-medium or GOD or the SELF.

We have shown that GOD truly exists. The proof of HIS existence is your existence. The fact that you are not aware of everything proves that you have not yet transcended your lower medium, your s-medium, your personal field of consciousness, your total personal manifestation.

To become aware of everything, you have to get rid of what is less than everything. Sometimes less is simply more.

On the ground of matter, on the ground of the illusion of being matter, on the ground of believing to be a body, the objective becomes subjective. On the other hand, on the ground of the Supreme Self, the subjective becomes objective. 

What does this mean? The more you believe to be, the more weight you will have as far as your meaning in this world is concerned. When you believe to be matter, then what you are aware of will merely be a reflection of the world of matter.  Then you will be a shadow. When you believe to be the Supreme Self, then the world of matter will be a reflection of what you are aware of. The world will be your shadow. 

Do you make the world or does the world make you? You decide.

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